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A little bit about myself: I have lived in Sonoma County since 1990 with a little time spent away, long enough to realize how much I really missed it.

I have enjoyed watching this enchanting neck of the woods grow and change as more and more people flock to our region. Some of the changes have been good, some not so. A haven such as Penngrove is rare to find in this day and age, to be able to know your neighbor and walk safely around town, exploring the quaint buildings tucked away from Main Street, visiting our local stores and restaurants 
and the exquisite countryside surrounding us.

My daughter is in the 12th grade and attends Casa Grande High School. She attended Penngrove Elementary from Kindergarten through 6th grade and we will both always look back with fond memories of her years there.

Thank you to all the special people that make living here so great...
Lynda Sutton-Smith, Publisher 

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